From the Editor : "We are excited to announce the launch of One Picture Book Two: an upgraded, upscaled follow-up to our much-loved One Picture Book series of artists’ books. Each title is limited to 500 numbered copies, and includes a removable, signed, original print measuring approximately 5x7 inches. 

The books are slightly larger, with a fresh design, but the price remains the same. Subscribers to the series are guaranteed a copy of each release for 40€, complete with four-volume slipcase. For non-subscribers, individual titles start at 50€, with the price increasing as the books sell out.

The first four titles of One Picture Book Two, are: DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone) by Michael Kenna; Florida Dogs by Tony Mendoza; Lone Ranger by Betty Hahn; and Monument by Carrie Mae Weems. 

Subsequent releases will include titles by JoAnn Callis, Mark Ruwedel, Daido Moriyama, Susan Zadeh, Laurie Simmons, Michael Mulno, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Toshio Shibata, Todd Hido, Mark Steinmetz, Leon Borensztein, Corey Arnold, and many others.

Our One Picture Book Two series is a slightly larger, newly designed series of artist's books based on the recently completed One Picture Book series

of Nazraeli Press. "

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