A/Fixed Journal

From the Editor : The 60s and 70s were a time of political unrest and experimental photography in Japan. The Japaneseare-bure-boke style with grainy, out-of-focus snapshots became essential to the field of photography, but it also alluded to society’s break from tradition at the time. The A/fixed debut issue, Provoke Generation: Japanese Photography ’60s-’70s, explores the era from the perspective of the highly controversial experimental magazine Provoke, alongside  intimate photographs of a two-year student protest, the rise of the Japanese photo book, and the impact of the female voice in a male-dominated profession.

Highlights include:

  • Insights from Simon Baker, a curator from Tate Modern, as to how the short-lived Provoke magazine started a long-term movement
  • A dive into the culture of 60s Japan that influenced much of the time period’s art withcurator Rei Masuda
  • A visit behind the barricades — and beyond the photographs — with Kazuo Kitai and the protest photography of the 1960s
  • The revelation of what inspired Kazuhiko Motomura, one of the first independent photobook publishers in the world, to move to the art of photobooks
  • The striking images of Hitomi Wantanabe, one of the era’s few female photographers who was awarded exclusive access to capture the Tokyo University protests of 1968-1969


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A/Fixed Journal

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