Bruno V Roels


From the Editor : "The title The Pyramids and Palm Trees Test takes its name from a semantic memory test used to detect language impairment. The test uses iconic images to determine the degree to which a subject can access meaning from pictures and words. Pyramids and palm trees are the main elements at the core of the test since their meaning is readily available to most people regardless of geographies, language differences, and culture. In the same way as the test operates, Roels’ work evolve around the use of specific imagery that everyone can relate to and yet images that can be invested with additional layers of meaning depending on the context in which they are used.


Roels plays upon the serial character of photography. His experimentations with repetition often take the form of grid compositions of multiple, small size prints of a single image. The Pyramids and Palm Trees Test was conceived as one work, and it is the first time that the artist conveys one of his work into the book format."

Bruno V Roels


    Booksize : 24 x 32 cm

    Soft Cover, saddle sewn
    80 pages 
    Limited Edition : 500, each numbered

    Book design by Jonas Meier