Daisuke Yokota - Outskirts

A hallucinatory night walk in the outskirts of Tokyo, where sleepy suburbia emerges as dreamscape. Could this be the backdrop for a nocturnal crime scene, or a tale of irretrievable loss? For the photo essay 'Outskirts', Daisuke Yokota shot his haunting images on colour film before inverting the colours and changing them to a monochrome palette. The camera staggers around, resulting in a stream of images of trees, parked cars, and forlorn buildings. Yokota unpretentiously traverses the boundaries between the digital and the analogue, overdeveloping film, re-photographing images, and distorting them with heat, dust, or acid. Yokota's dynamic process is permeated by the spectral qualities of the medium.

Daisuke Yokota - Outskirts

  • Book Size : 230 x 310 mm

    92 p, ills colour & bw

    Printing : softcover

    Publication Date : 2017

    Publisher : Alauda Publications

    First Edition : 500 copies