Genda # 0 - Landscape as Abondon

Manifesto of the Magazine :


Genda is a magazine intersecting Western and Eastern culture. Two sets of editorial staff – one in Italy and one in China – first identify a common theme which is then elaborated through the misunderstandings and complicities at the base of every concrete exchange. Issue zero of Genda is dedicated to the concept of landscape as abandon; it is the vision of what remains at the end of a road, at the moment a path is interrupted or when an action leads to a willed for, pursued, constructed and, at times, serially planned impasse. Seemingly different and far-off worlds and cultures observe and copy one another, modifying themselves without being mutually accountable. Genda is born from a misunderstanding: it is the Western mangling of the popular Chinese Zhenda – ‘Really?’; it is also the name of the preferred flower of Hindu rites and celebrations. Genda is a container of accidental, compressed, distant yet dangerously similar material. Its symmetrical structure separates the two spheres which are then recomposed and redistributed through the binding. Clashes and confluences result from the apparent remoteness of approaching worlds. Genda is an independent and interdisciplinary object. It proves the presence of things and the existence of occurrences, it is about experience. Every edition of Genda contains proofs, manifestations of the impact of the world on the authors. The text forms part of this and thus both language and translation are considered. Genda has a title, it seeks out the conditions for triggering new questions. Its contents are apparitions; their original order is recomposed in the pages where an incidental and unexpected factor – of which the authors are aware – exists.

Genda # 0 - Landscape as Abondon

  • Book Size : 16,5 x 21 cm

    Pages : 136 pages

    Printing : softcover with dust jacket

    First 8 pages and cover printed on Crush Kiwi (120 and 250 g)

    Text and images prined on Crush Corn and Citrus (100g)

    Publication Date : 2015

    Publisher : a+m bookstore
    English & Chinese
    Edition of 700.