Si Si - Jian Deng

From the Editor : 

About Si Si


These photos were taken from 1985 to 1990. The little girl in the photos is called Si Si Deng, and the photographer who took those pictures was named Deng Jian, that is Si Si’s father.


Like many papa photographers, Mr. Deng was eager to photograph his baby daughter for many years, and Mr. Deng had taken some good photos better than professional photographers.


Fortunately,most of these negatives are still in good condition, this gives us a chance to see these vivid images of China thirty years ago.


In Chinese, Si Si means encourage each other, which comes from Confucius. We can imagine the expectation of the parents when Si Si was born, and these photographs witness and record her growth.

Si Si - Jian Deng

  • Book Size : 150 x 210 mm

    Pages : 48 pages

    Printing : softcover

    Publication Date : 2017

    Publisher : Zineless

    Limited Edition : 300